TTT Office-bearers and Committee Members 2024

Following Special meeting March, 2024


  1. President – Zina Carman

  2. Vice President – Michael Baker

  3. Secretary – Fred Preston

  4. Treasurer – Anne Staig

Committee members:

  1. Janelle Polwarth

  2. Jock Hossack (OHS Representative)

  3. Lisa Berry (Facebook site administrator)

  4. Andrea Harvey (Membership)

  5. Robyn Farrar (Website)


  • SOCIAL: Zina Carman, Marie Darby

  • PLAY READINGS and SELECTION: Gay Bell, Rosemary Faris, Tessa Calder, Jock Hossack, Skye Staude

Special tasks:

  • Shoestring Playhouse Bookings Officer – Michael Baker

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