Grant from Torquay Community Enterprise and Bendigo Bank.

On Thursday night, 19 September, 2019, Torquay Theatre Troupe Inc. President, Michael Baker attended the Torquay Community Enterprise and Bendigo Bank  Awards night. On behalf of the Troupe, Michael accepted a grant of $1050 dedicated to the purchase of a ‘short-throw projector’ which is designed to allow the projection of full-size images onto objects including screens, from a very short distance.  This will allow TTT to project images onto walls, panels, sets, floors without having to have the projector mounted a long way from the stage. We already have plans for its use in our next production, Parramatta Girls, in November 2019.

TTT thanks Torquay Community Enterprise and Bendigo Bank for their contribution to the Troupe and for their previous and ongoing contributions to our work in the Community.

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