Torquay Theatre Troupe is set to transport audiences back nearly four centuries with its latest production, Tartuffe, a classic French play that remains as relevant today as it did in the 17th century.

This production is set in a circus in today’s world and explores the deceptive world of power, the enduring strength of family bonds, and the ever-present threat of scams and deceit.

At the heart of this beloved satire, by French playwright Molière, is the cunning character Tartuffe, a man who poses as a holy figure but is more interested in seduction and wealth than saving souls.

Tartuffe, the latest offering from the Torquay Theatre Troupe, was first performed nearly 400 years ago.

His victim, the gullible and wealthy landowner Orgon, becomes the focal point of Tartuffe’s manipulation, pushing Orgon’s family to the brink of despair.

Director Zina Carman, who promised a captivating performance, said: “Molière is often hailed as the French Shakespeare due to his beautifully lyrical writing that simultaneously exposes the flaws and follies of his characters”.

“While the themes are weighty, the wit and wizardry of the writing will keep audiences thoroughly entertained.”

Originally, Tartuffe courted controversy when it first graced the stage, leading to its subsequent ban. Those who attended a performance or dared to read the script faced the threat of excommunication.

The play took a pointed swipe at the nobility, with Orgon portrayed as an infinitely gullible patriarch, while Catholic leaders were affronted by Tartuffe masquerading as a religious mentor.

Carman has injected her own vision into the production, amplifying the theme of families and fathers. She described Orgon as the “ringmaster of the domestic circus” and has incorporated a visual spectacle that promises to add an extra layer of enjoyment to the performance.

The cast boasts a blend of seasoned and emerging talent, with Steven Georgiadis stepping into the role of Tartuffe and Fred Preston portraying the gullible Orgon. The production promises a stellar ensemble cast that will bring this timeless tale to life.

Tartuffe is scheduled to run from October 26 to November 4. Tickets are available for purchase at