Two one-act Plays

One-Act Play Season

In late August 2021 and early September, we had a pair of terrific one-act plays, one of which was supposed to make it to the Anglesea one-act play Festival on 14 August. Sadly, the Festival for 2021 was cancelled due to COVID lockdowns.

The plays were Introverts Outing by Sindi Renea, directed by Katrina Eadie and The knock on the door by Bruce Olive, directed by Maryanne Doolan.

Revised COVID-compliant dates (both plays):

  • August 20 – 8PM

Then came the COVID lockdown and the revised SEPTEMBER dates

  • Thurs 9th – 8PM
  • Fri 10th – 8PM
  • Sat 11th – 8PM
  • Sun 12th – 6PM – “Twilight” show.

The dates changed again and we finally produced the two plays on 18, 19, 20 and 21 November. Full houses and a waiting list of 30 buyers.

Introverts’ outing is a moment in the lives of a group of introverts who have met online and now gather together to meet each other face to face. That’s when the surprises start.

The knock on the door captures the emotion of families who have had a family member away in a war zone and their return home.







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