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When dad married Fury – November 2017

David Williamson swings the spotlight onto the Global Financial Crisis and brings it home to Australia.

“Dad” (Alan), now 70 years old, made millions in the US during the financial crisis.  His middle-aged sons, aware of their dad’s failing health, are angling for a share of the inheritance but their wives don’t see eye to eye. Unexpectedly, Alan has met a god-fearing ex beauty queen turned businesswoman on a First Class flight and quickly married her.  Naturally this throws a spanner into the childrens’ plans for Alan’s money.

It opens the audience’s minds to what was ethical practice in 2008, who “won” and who “lost”, the serious implications for small players and the pressures placed on relationships and principles when money is involved.

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Director – Michael Baker 

Fury – Robyn Farrar
Alan Urquhart – Paul Friend
Sue Urquhart – Meryl Friend
Laura Urquhart – Mandy Calderwood
Ian Urquhart – Fred Preston
Ben Urquhart – Kevin Fitzpatrick
Judy, Laura’s mother – Gay Bell

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