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Buy tickets – help and link

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See here for a ‘walk through’ of the process.

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CONCESSION TICKETS are available only to Seniors (over 60), Students, Pensioners and Health Care Card holders

  • Have your credit card details ready.
  • There is a bit of information you will need to provide.

Difficulties with On-Line Ticketing?  – Call Erika Turner on 0402 434 464.

We entrust TryBooking with our on-line ticket reservations because we are confident that they provide an economical and secure system which we could not replicate for ourselves. However, we have no control over the processes at the TryBooking website and we cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur in TryBooking processing.

Known Problem
When you book through a mobile device, without immediate access to a printer to print your ticket, you may fail to locate the follow-up email from TryBooking which links to the ticket you obtained.

The Bottom Line
If TryBooking have accepted your booking for an event of ours and have debited the ticket costs to your credit card, we can identify that you have valid entry to the event, whether or not you have succeeded in printing your ticket. Our door staff will have a list of all ticket holders (as of the evening of the event) and the authority to admit you to the event. But we may have to put you in a side queue while this is handled.

What can I do?
Almost always, the email address entered from the mobile device when booking is different to the one on your home computer account; you will find the email if you search ALL your accounts. Your next step is to try recovering your tickets through TryBooking. If you don’t have a home computer/printer you can bring the mobile device to the event and show your ticket on-screen. If your credit card did not get debited, the ticket sale did not go through and you should re-book.

Can I talk to you?
You can email who can check out your problem and hopefully reassure you.