Given the growth of the performing arts locally over the last 10 years and the growth of the local population (predicted 46,000 in Torquay by 2030), it is surprising that community performers have never had access to a public facility.

Performance of all sorts (singing, dancing, theatre, literature, 2D and 3D visual arts etc.) has been crying out for a space to display their works and express their artform.

Torquay Theatre Troupe has long been a proponent of a public facility for the arts. Following a prolonged (10 year) campaign including three Shire-sponsored feasibility studies into arts facilities, many studies supporting the value of arts to community health, mental health, community bonds and cultural outlet - TTT was delighted to hear that Surf Coast Shire Councillors gave permission (August 2019) for the formation of a community organisation (MAC) to start the (temporary) fit-out of a redundant building in 2021.

Part of the equipment required to make the proposed space function is reasonably expensive and will need to be removable from the space when the Shire redevelops the space estimated to start in about 2023/24.

TTT is, therefore, campaigning for funds to purchase equipment, specifically:

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