Making quality theatre accessible to the local community


Cast—the actors

Crew—Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Stage Manager,  Props Manager, Lighting and sound, Costume Manager

Front of House –door, bar, tea/coffee

Production assistants–poster design, program design, publicity, set construction, set design, sewing etc

Committee—members of the current committee

General Ticketing Policy (September 2018) 

NOTE: Edits have been made in red text below to adjust the policy for changing times and to make this document functional on the TTT website. These changes will be discussed and reviewed when the Committee does a formal review of the Ticketing Policy.

Tickets will be made available in three categories and according to the conditions described below.

  1. Full
  2. Concession
  3. Complimentary (See below, revised July 2021)


  1. Full Price: applies to people between the ages of 18 and 59 years (inclusive) who don’t otherwise fall into the ‘Concession’ category.
  2. Concession: applies to disabled, unemployed, full-time students, over 59s or under 18s. Individuals may be asked for proof of Concession eligibility on entry or during the purchase process via
  3. Complimentary (COMP) tickets are free tickets and traditionally have been offered to a variety of stakeholders. (See ‘Complimentary Tickets Guidelines’ below.)

Prices for ticket types 1) and 2) are to be set by the Committee of Management (COM) at a formal meeting prior to the release of tickets on TryBooking.

Complimentary Tickets Guidelines (Reviewed July 2021)

  • Cast and crew are entitled to one complimentary ticket and their dependent children (18 and under) can come once for free. Complimentary tickets for dependent children cannot be used for anyone else.
  • Production assistants are encouraged to attend Final Dress Rehearsal  or may have one complimentary ticket for themselves.
  • Front of House volunteers are invited to attend the Final Dress Rehearsal.
  • Committee members who aren’t part of the cast or crew may attend if a seat is available. Committee members are not entitled to a complimentary ticket to give to someone else.
  • An invitation for a complimentary ticket is extended to members of Surfcoast Shire Council and Arts Director. Local MPs are also offered a complimentary ticket.
  • A complimentary ticket is offered to newspapers who wish to review the show. Gail Chrisfield receives a complimentary ticket if she agrees to write a review.
  • Colin Mockett receives 2 complimentary tickets to review shows except one act play season.
  • VDL reviewers receive 2 complimentary tickets.
  • The Committee or Producer in consultation with the President may decide to extend one or two complimentary tickets to a worthwhile contributor to a current production.

The Ticket Exchange policy (see below) applies equally to COMP tickets and Cast and Crew tickets.

Group bookings

Groups of 10 people or more are eligible to book tickets at the Concession ticket price. NO Refunds or Exchanges apply to ANY of this booking.

Refunds on Tickets

Refunds will not be given.

Except in the case of accidental double-booking using the same name – 20/10/19 (FP)

Subject to seat availability, ticketholders are permitted to exchange tickets for an alternative performance. NOTE: This will not apply to group bookings or an individual ticket from a group booking.

NOTE: COVID restrictions have required the movement of Bookings from one performance to another.

Ushers and COVID-Marshalls

TTT endeavours to use ushers and COVID-Marshalls at each performance.

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