‘Sudan’ and ‘Love, loss and what I wore’ (APA) – August 2018

August, 2018.

Following Graci Lynch’s first-time involvement with Torquay Theatre Troupe and work done on-stage by Kathryn O’Neill, Mary Steuten and Fred Preston as the actors, we are delighted to announce that TTT accepted 3 of the 12 Awards at the Anglesea One Act Play Festival in mid-August 2018.

We were awarded:

  • Best original Script – Christine Davey
  • Best Female actor – Mary Steuten
  • Best production (3rd place)

We would like to thank Christine Davey for her great script, Graci Lynch for her terrific direction, the actors for their moving and talented performances across the season (5 shows comprising 2 at The Price Street Theatre, one at Anglesea and two at local retirement villages) and the Troupe Committee for supporting the performances by looking after publicity, props, transport, support, ticketing, front of house, catering, lights, seating and taking a risk with a new script and a Director new to TTT.

It was another great season bringing together some local (and Geelong) talent and some very satisfied audience members.


Cathy – Kathryn O’Neill
Francine – Mary Steuten
Sudan – Fred Preston

Author – Christine Davey
Director – Graci Lynch

A big congratulations to Anglesea Performing Arts and their energetic team for organising so many plays, coordinating and wrangling artists, putting on food and drink for the many punters and completing yet another fine production for 2018. There are too many names to mention here (and many working in the background whose names are seldom mentioned) but WELL DONE to all of you. Take a bow!


  1. Thursday 16 August, “Sudan” by TTT plus a one-act comedy by Anglesea Performing Arts “Love, loss and what I wore” By Nora and Delia Ephron, Directed by Nikki Watson (No supper)
  2. Friday 17 August, “Sudan” by TTT  by Christine Davey, Directed by Graci Lynch, plus a question and answer session with the playwright AND a lovely finger food supper. (yum)

Saturday 18 August (Anglesea one-act play Festival) – we were on at 8:50pm but there were 19 plays!
(25 & 26 August – Private performances at 2 Torquay retirement villages).

August 2018

16 August – Double bill with Anglesea Performing Arts performing ‘Love, loss and what I wore’
17 August ‘Sudan’ by itself plus a Q&A and supper.

Our mid-year production was ‘Sudan’, a one-act play about the last living male Northern White Rhino. He has been in captivity in different cities around the world for many years and for the last 12 years to protect him from poachers. He has an armed guard around him and a dedicated carer.


By Christine Davey
Directed by Graci Lynch

Running Time 35mins


  • Sudan – Fred Preston
  • Frank – Mary Steuten
  • Cathy – Kathryn O’Neill

Synopsis (by the author)
This story is in response to an animal called Sudan. The last male Northern White rhino, Sudan died in 2018 aged 45. His legs were becoming frail, he could no longer walk, and the decision was made to euthanize this beautiful being before the pain and disability became too great for him to carry. He had been in captivity all his life, the past few years guarded day and night by armed gunmen to keep him safe from poachers. His species is at the edge of extinction. We did this. Humans did this. We slaughtered these noble creatures and now there is no going back. This story cannot change that, but it can, in its own small way, help us come to terms with what we’ve done. This story contains no answers, but it is written in tribute to Sudan. It’s the very, very least I can do.

Its world premiere was on Thursday 16 August in Torquay.


By Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron
Directed by Nikki Watson

Design – Iris Walsh Howling

Choreography – Stacey Carmichael

Running Time 35mins


  • Stacey Carmichael
  • Melinda Chapman
  • Julie Fryman
  • Kirstin Honey
  • Lina Libroaperto
  • Libby Stapleton

Synopsis (Comedy)
Love, Loss and What I Wore follows fragmented stories about the nostalgic power of women’s clothing. Like a long heart-to-heart with your best friend over coffee, the conversation meanders from bittersweet stories of relationships, to odes about black clothing, cowboy boots and outfits that make mothers cringe, Love, Loss and What I Wore is unabashedly girly—in a good way.


Thursday 16 August in Torquay: “Sudan” by TTT and “Love, loss and what I wore” by Anglesea Performing Arts.

Friday 17 August in Torquay: “Sudan” with a Q&A with cast and author and supper.

Saturday 18 August (Anglesea one-act play Festival) – we’re on at 8:50pm but come and see all 19 plays!

(25 & 26 August – Private performances at 2 Torquay retirement villages – Star of the Sea and Kithbrooke).
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