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Strangers on a train – May 2018

‘Strangers on a train’ by Craig Warner – 8 performances in May 2018 (14 – 26 May)

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Charles Bruno – Lachie Errey







Guy Haines – Lachie Vivian-Taylor







Anne Haines (Faulkner) – Catherine Crowe







Elsie Bruno – Maryanne Doolan







Arthur Gerrard – Ethan Cook







Frank Myers – Tom Van Looy / Michael Baker







Robert Treacher – Don Bennett







Director – Michael Baker







‘Strangers on a train’ a classic thriller written by Craig Warner and based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith. (The film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock). Directed by Michael Baker

This is an “edge of your seat” thriller which will also provide TTT with some technical challenges.


Lachie Errey                                       Charles Bruno

Lachie Vivian-Taylor                         Guy Haines

Maryanne Doolan                              Elsie Bruno

Catherine Crowe                                Anne Faulkner

Tom Van Looy                                    Frank Myers
/ Michael Baker (Thursday 17th)

Don Bennett                                        Robert Treacher

Ethan Cook                                          Arthur Gerard

Michael Baker                                    Director

Gay Bell                                               Assistant Director


Zina Carman                                      Producer / Stage Manager

Gay Bell                                               Stage

Marie Darby                                       Props & Prompt

Teresa Stipcevich                              Set Build

Michael Baker, Fred Preston          Set Design & Build

Michael Lambkin & June Marks    Set painting

Monica Spencer                                 Costumes

Debra Shaw and Judy Hodgkins    Publicity

Fred Preston and George Carman  Lighting

Wendy                                                   Sound

Lisa Berry                                             Program

We need some more ‘hands on deck’ if anyone is interested, please contact…….me, Zina Carman on

Opens 14 May for 8 Performances. May 14, 17, 18, 19, 20 (matinee), 24, 25, 26.

Strangers on a train












































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Ticket statistics
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