The Scottish Play – May 2010

The Scottish Play by Graham Holliday
Date May 2010
Venue Senior Citizens Hall, Torquay – Seven Performances
Director Maryanne Doolan
Actors Michael – Michael Baker


Frank – Simon Taylor

Geraldine – Carleen Thoernberg

Lynne – Lisa Berry

Alan – Chris Young

Les Dye – Michael Lambkin

Barnaby – Kevin Fitzpatrick

Fiona / 2nd witch- Rhiannon Hodgkinson

1st witch / Sally – Terry Roseburgh

3rd witch / Daisy / Jackie – Kate Hunter

Eric / Seton / Porter – Fred Preston

Stage Manager Gay Bell
































An evening’s entertainment in a play by Graham Holliday

Contemporary drama, set in various locations. Michael, a member of the local amateur dramatics group, has become fed up with the same old lightweight plays and decided that he wants to stage Macbeth. It is no easy task to convince the group in the first place, but once he has managed that, there are plenty of other obstacles to surmount. Squabbles over casting, issues with money, even the church hall threatening to ban the use of witches stand in Michael’s way as the production gradually becomes an obsession. Casting Lynne, his wife, and his best friend Frank in the lead roles kindles an affair. Michael simply uses that as a motivation to improve their acting performances and when Lynne finally leaves him, after discovering he has spent all their savings on the production, his only concern is that she should not drop out of the cast. The play ends with curtain-up on the opening night of The Scottish Play and the twin questions of whether Michael’s vision will be realised and what he will do with his life after it is over.

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