The Laramie Project – May 2017

The Laramie Project. – Written by Moises Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater Project.

With a cast of more than a dozen people portraying more than 60 real characters from Laramie, Wyoming, the logistics of directing this play were quite demanding.

Performed on the stage and the floor with the audience viewing from an angle and with lights, sound and projection, Zina Carman and her team built a great performance for you.

Director: Zina Carman

Michael Baker;
Moises Kaufmann, Philip Dubois, Stephen Meade-Johnson, Murdock Cooper, Jon Peacock, Dennis Shepard, Harry Woods, Fred Phelps

Fred Preston;
Greg Pierotti, Sargeant Hing, Phil LaBrie, Rulon Stacey, DS Rob DeBree, Jonas Slonaker

Glen Barton,
Stephen Belber, Doc O’Connor, Matt Galloway, Bill McKinney, Conrad Miller, Andrew Gomez, Mormon Home Teacher, Judge 1

Lachie Vivian-Taylor;
Andy Paris, Doug Laws, Dr. Cantway, Shannon, Matt Mickelson, Aaron McKinney, Philip Dubois, Kerry Drake, Jedadiah Schultz

Carleen Thoernberg;
Reggie Fluty, Rebecca Hilliker, Amanda Gronich

Kathryn O’Neill;
Barbara Pitts, Catherine Connolly, Zubaida Ula, Sherry Aanenson, Lucy Thompson

Terry Roseburgh:
Narrator, Eileen Engen, Marge Murray, Baptist Minister, Trish Steger,

Sindi Renea;
Alison Mears, Zachie Salmon, Leigh Fondakowski, Romaine Patterson, Kristin Price, Aaron Kreifels,

Cat Crowe;
Anonymous, April Silva, Cal Rerucha, Jen, Russel Henderson, Tiffany Edwards,

Michael Lambkin;
Father Roger Schmit, Judge 2, Governor Geringer

Dianne Buttigieg
Minister’s Wife, Sherry Johnson.

Rob Pow:
Jeffrey Lockwood, Bailiff x 3

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