Once again restrictions have required us to modify our performance dates. We apologise for all the changes. We have had to remove the 12th and 13th August dates to allow us time to do final Tech.- and Dress-rehearsals (since COVID lockdowns have now disallowed those). The cast and crew have, however, made themselves available for the 23rd and 25th of August. That way they have not had to stop at only three shows (after putting in the hard work over the past few months!). It also means YOU get a new chance to see the plays!

We would appreciate a speedy response to the email that you (people with tickets on 12th and 13th August) will receive. Please choose a seat on either 23rd or 25th August instead. We realise it may not be possible for you to re-book and we’ll be organising refunds for those people who can’t change their performance date/s. We won’t be making changes for anyone who already has a seat on a different night, until all the people from 12th and 13th August have been allocated or refunded.

Whether you can change your night or not, we’d appreciate an email response from you because we will be starting a waiting list for the new performances and then allowing people to buy tickets for the seats that may become available on 23rd and 25th August. This will require a cut-off date for re-bookings to allow us time to advise new buyers to get tickets.

Stay tuned for email communications!

Thanks again for your patience and goodwill.

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