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Introverts Outing, a new one-act play by local playwright Sindi Renea, is a black comedy about a group of virtual friends meeting in real life for the first time. It explores themes of female friendship and online dating.

Roles      Linda: 40+ – a counsellor             Megan: 30+ – Centre Manager

Sally:  21 – a young mum               Kylie:  45-55 – Mother to Isabella

Eliza:  60-70 – a cougar                 Hannah: 35-45 – Pollyanna type

Isabella:  17 – a year 12 student


The Knock on the Door by Bruce Olive

In 1915 Gladys and Harold wait for news of their eighteen-year-old son, who is fighting at Gallipoli. Nearly one hundred years later, Cate waits patiently in the same suburban house for the return of her husband, fighting in Afghanistan. Through these parallel lives, this play explores how Australians, particularly women, have attempted to cope with the anxiety of loved ones fighting overseas.


Roles       Cate:  20 -30                        Robert:  18, son of Gladys and Harold

Gladys:  40s-50s                 Harold:   40s-50s

We apologise for the short notice as the auditions are to be held at 77 Beach Rd, Torquay on:

  • Thursday 27 May from 7:00pm and
  • Sunday rehearsal cancelled due to lockdown.

The plays will be performed at Shoestring Playhouse at The MAC, 77 Beach Rd, Torquay on July 30, 31, Aug 1 (matinee), 12 and 13

and at the Anglesea One Act Play Festival August 14/15

Rehearsal times are Tuesdays 7pm, Thursdays 7pm and Sundays as arranged with the Directors.


For enquiries, more information or to arrange an audition time please contact the Directors

Introverts Outing:  Katrina Eadie   0403 981 063

The Knock on the Door:  Maryanne Doolan   0403 234 123

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