The Troupe are in need of some help in the following two areas;

  1. Testing & Tagging. – COMPLETED 15 July 2021 – Luke Davis Electrical Services.

We are hoping that you might be a qualified electrician who could test and tag all our electrical equipment. This is a legal requirement that we need to get done. We are also asking for ‘mates’ rates if that is at all possible – we have a lot of stuff requiring tagging!

Someone would work with you to catalogue each item, (there are quite a few lights!) so we end up with a comprehensive register of all things electrical.


  1. Minutes Secretary. – FOUND – Thanks to Karen Long

We are looking for someone who would be interested in being our Minutes secretary.

The job would be supported by our long-term secretary, Maryanne Doolan, who looks after all aspects of the secretarial position and would continue alongside a minutes secretary.

We meet at the MAC, 77 Beach Road, Torquay on the first Monday of each month, starting at 7 pm for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

If you are interested in helping, we would appreciate your involvement.

For further information on the either job requirement please contact:

Test & Tag – TTT Tech person, Fred Preston, 0407 552 060

Minutes Secretary – TTT Secretary, Maryanne Doolan, 0403 234 123

We look forward to hearing from anyone who can join us and help TTT become more streamlined in our new venue.

Zina (Carman) 0408 001 667

On behalf of TTT

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