We now have a dedicated arts precinct for Torquay and the Surf Coast.

On Saturday 13th March 2021, TTT transferred some of its assets to The MAC for use by TTT and the local community’s performance artists. The space was set up for The MAC Open Day on 27 March, including a low stage area for ‘The Bench Plays’, seating suitable for COVID-planned audience sizes (up to 50) and a reprise of the Parramatta Girls (2019) set walls. There are also notice boards, table of displays, artists sketching a sitter, crafts displays, art exhibitions,

Here’s the first usage EVER of the ‘Shoestring Playhouse’ by TTT! A rehearsal of one of the Bench Plays.

We are all so excited to see the beginning of a community arts facility after having campaigned for so long. This belongs to you and your friends and neighbours – you have all helped us to argue the case for the value of arts in the community.

The cast rehearse for the first time at The MAC.
Still looking undecorated and very much like a basketball court.
A revival of the Parramatta Girls set wall.
We had plenty of help from all sorts of personnel on the day… hold that ladder will you?
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