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With your support and encouragement, we have lobbied Council to assist with a financial contribution to the fit-out of a community Arts facility.


For Council’s budget deliberations, TTT’s President, Michael Baker and The Multi Arts Centre (MAC)’s representative, Sally Groom, gave strong, deliberate and convincing online presentations to the (remotely) assembled Councillors.

They spoke of the various aspects of the nature of Arts development opportunities in Torquay, describing it as a surprise that a growing locality such as Torquay had no location dedicated to the Arts for practitioners; they explained the social and cultural value of a strong Arts community, the opportunity to support the Arts, which makes up such a strong but almost invisible subset of the community, the chance to make continued use of a building (the old basketball court) that would otherwise remain unused.

These arguments, being self-evident, were deemed convincing to Councillors and, because of your support – the emails you sent to Councillors, the great collection of hat pictures you sent to TTT, the word-of-mouth conversations you had with each other and which also reached the ears of Councillors – we have received the financial support we have asked for.

In the 2020-21 Financial Year, the Multi Arts Centre (MAC) Committee has been entrusted with $60,000 of ratepayers’ cash to spend on a basic fit-out of the old basketball court in such as way as to make the space functional for arts practitioners to come and rehearse, perform, display their work and for arts consumers to come and see the wide array of art works made by our diverse arts community.

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