In late June, following a concerted campaign by Torquay Theatre Troupe Inc. and hard work by the MAC (Multidisciplinary Arts Collective), Surf Coast Shire Council adopted the 2020-21 Annual budget. It now includes the financial support requested by the MAC. The Committee is soon to be responsible for $60,000 of ratepayers’ money to complete all the administrative preparation and a simple fit-out for the use of the theatre/gallery in early 2021.

A lease is yet to be discussed but the next step is for the MAC group to become incorporated and to finalise how the financial resources will be allocated in the building.

Looking forward, it is likely that any lease will be for two years with an option of a year-by-year lease thereafter. The new Arts / Library / Cultural Facility is planned for commencement on the same site by the end of 2023 and is expected to cost $28 Million (from Federal, State and local coffers). Whether the end result of this new facility can accommodate the community (rather than just corporate users) is open for discussion.

From the Surf Coast Times – Thursday 30 July Vol. 18 No. 31





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