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By John Head
Presented by Shepparton Theatre Arts Group Inc.

The Galactic Starship, Corona Star-19 is ten months into an eleven month journey to a new colony on planet Trump-One, when they are intercepted by an escape pod with the last survivor of a viral outbreak on planet Clinton.

They save the survivor, only to find that their lives are now at risk.

Corona Star-19 is a Zoom comedy, drama, ‘whodunnit’ of galactic proportions.

The intergalactic premiere will occur on Saturday 4 July at 7.30pm.

Join fleet members, Fiona Kennan, Troy McKindley, Georgia Perkins, Matt Dowling, Josh Shuttleworth, Wendy Platt, Robbie Maher, Laura Varapodio, Dean Johnson and Yvette Knight as they bring you all the intergalactic goings on of the human race in the far reaching future.

Ably supported by a talented STAG design and production team, Corona Star-19 is a perfect example of our members’ creativity and dedication to stepping into the unknown to continue to deliver arts to the wider community.

About the Performance

This performance is completely online and a link to the premiering video will be sent out prior to the performance. Tickets close at 10am on Saturday 4 July in order to ensure the link reaches everybody. Please ensure you submit a working email for use on Saturday 4 July.

The play will be accessible online for one month from it’s premiere.

For more information about this please contact STAG on our email:

Donation Ticket 

This digital performance is completely free to the public, however if you would like to donate to Shepparton Theatre Arts Group, your support would be greatly appreciated. Whether you watch for free, or decide to donate, you will need to secure a viewing ticket.

STAG are aware these are uncertain times for everyone, and those working in the arts have been hit extremely hard.

We send our love to all artists both professional and community based.


Visit the link:

See you in the stars!

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