Memory of Water – May 2019

Memory of water

Auditions for ‘Memory of Water’ were held on 25 November.

The Cast and Crew for “The Memory of Water”, our play in May, written by Shelagh Stephenson, has been selected. The dates have been set and rehearsals start in March.

Sandy Fairthorne – Director
Maryanne Doolan – Producer

  • Kathryn O’Neill – Mary
  • Frankie Swithinbank – Teresa
  • Skye Staude – Catherine
  • Claudia Clark – Vi
  • Timothy Parsons-Yarrow – Mike
  • Ethan Cook – Frank

Gay Bell – Stage Manager
Teresa Stipcevich – Props
Fred Preston – Lighting design
Teresa Stipcevich Sound/Light
Andrew Gaylard Sound/Light
Sandy Fairthorne June Marks – Set Design
Michael Baker – Set Build
Anyone? – Set Painting
Monica Spencer – Costumes
Debra Shaw – Publicity
Lisa Berry – Program
Terry Roseburgh – FOH
Zina Carman – Foyer Set Up

Performance dates: May 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25 2019

This is an award-winning tragi-comedy, set in Northern England, about three sisters struggling with grief, forced together for their mother’s funeral. Each sister has different memories of the same events, causing constant bickering about whose memories are true. To add to the mix, the ghost of their mother hovers in one sister’s dreams, giving insights into the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship scarred by events and decisions neither of them wants to admit to. Joined by two men – one a sister’s married lover, the other bound by marriage – the three sisters’ hidden lies and self-betrayals are gradually revealed.