Making quality theatre accessible to our local community


Minutes – 4 September 2018


COMMITTEE MEETING September 4th, 2018

PRESENT: Michael Baker, Gay Bell, Kath O’Neill, Terry Roseburgh, Debra Shaw, Maryanne Doolan, Lisa Berry, Peter Whitnall, Fred Preston

APOLOGIES: Carleen Thoernberg, Zina Carman


  • Kath acting as Minute Secretary tonight.
  • Maryanne volunteered to take on the role of Secretary (exclusive of taking Minutes).
  • Carleen has offered to take the role of Minute Secretary. Other members also happy to share the role of Minute Secretary.
  • Other elements of the job may be delegated to other members.

Action: Peter to speak to Erika to determine role requirements. Will be shared at the next meeting and/or via the Facebook page.

Action: Pete and Maryanne to determine a plan to share the role. Will be shared at the next meeting and/or via the Facebook page.


Amendment to the previous minutes:

  • Flyers were distributed by Carleen and Zina
  • Caterers need four days’ notice

Moved: Gay Bell

Seconded: Peter Whitnall



  • David and Pam Hosking – application received but no payment.

Action: Peter will approach re payment.

  • Lynne Elphinston-Gray
  • June Marks



  • Regional Arts Victoria (4) – insurance certificates/*connecting places/*fund quick response grants (2)
  • Theatrecraft magazine (2) – August/September

Action: Peter to contact regarding payment

  • Consumer Affairs Vic – associations update

Action: Peter to contact regarding payment

  • Times News Group – 3% rate rise
  • Alan Hossack – PMP support
  • George Carman (2) – Potato Shed questions/*PMP voting link
  • Pick my Project – voting active
  • Colin Mockett – Geelong Entertainment logo supplied
  • Laura Connor – Spring Creek Community House 25th Anniversary 
  • Charlie Ranger (2) – Fishlace Jones / Behind the Curtain
  • EA MayorCrs – David Bell attending AGM
  • Marie Darby – AGM apology
  • Our Community (6)
  • Hal Leonard Aus (2) – *invoice $1,188.55/ *Licence Agreement Return Any Given Monday


  • Surfcoast Council – Public Liability Insurance certificate emailed 31/8/18
  • George Carman (4) – email replies
  • Colin Mockett – Entertainment Geelong Logo request
  • Mailing List (Mail Chimp) – Pick My Project
  • Mailing List (Mail Chimp) – Notice of AGM

Action: Fred to try e-mail in small batches to try to avoid Mail Chimp e-mails ending up being caught in spam filters.

TREASURER’S REPORT:                                       Peter

Additional information to be added to the Treasurer’s Report:

Following the audit of the 2017/18 accounts two payment vouchers were missing. Our auditor required a Committee Minute approving two payments to the Surfcoast Hotel for venue hire for presentation of The Eulogy.

  1. 6th October 2017

CHQ No. 208                          $2000.00

  1. 11th October 2017

CHQ No. 209                          $112.00

Payments were ratified by committee on 4th September 2018.

Moved: Peter Whitnall

Seconded: Michael Baker

Report tabled

Moved: Peter Whitnall

Seconded: Gay Bell


WEBSITE:                                                                       Fred

  • Changed colour-scheme
  • Michael suggested changing the ‘slice’ of the poster that appears.

FACEBOOK:                                                                 Tessa (Fred to report)

  • Lisa also has access to TTT page, which may be needed when Tessa is away shortly.
  • Closed Committee Page for committee communications is working well.
  • Fred will give Debra admin access for Facebook for play promotion.

Action: Fred to make Debra Admin of Facebook group


  • Pick My Project – continue promoting
  • New grants committee officer – not at present but Fred and Kath can be involved if any applications arise after the theatre project.                                                                       

TOPS:                                                                           Gay

Agenda – no surprises


  • One Act Play wrap-up                                                Fred
  • Anglesea One-Act Play prizes:
  • Best Original Play
  • Best Female Actor – Mary Steuten
  • Best Production – Third Prize
  • Query from Gay – is it worth doing the Retirement Villages in situ any longer – could consider doing a matinee here. 2019 One-Act Play Festival will be 16th and 17th of August. Will book the Hall for both weekends in anticipation (and can cancel if necessary).
  • Any Given Monday                                         Gay
  • Have commenced rehearsing. Posters almost done. Will include poster in newsletter.
  • Arts Theatre SpaceGay
    • Consultations being decided tomorrow, meeting to follow on Friday. Agenda to be determined. Sub-committee met last week. Theatre requirements tabled.
    • Querydoes Erika stay on the sub-committee? Assumed yes but Gay will confirm.
    • Sub-committee meeting next Monday evening (10th September) – Peter unavailable.
  • Ticketing policy development Fred
  • see below


  • Newsletter Lisa
    • Newsletter coming out this weekend
  • Membership Zina
    • Reconvened – Zina to provide the committee with the results from the sub-committee by 1/9. Sub-committee still intending to get together to have coffee and discuss next steps.
    • Terry suggests gathering data from members regarding skills, areas of interest, etc and including in the database for easy access.

Action: Terry and Fred to get together and identify potential for moving forward with this.

  • Play Reading Committee Kathryn
    • N/A
  • FOH reorganisation ?apologies from Erika for not meeting with     Carleen
  • TBA – needs to be updated ASAP.

Action: Maryanne to work with Carleen and Peter and determine this position description prior to the next meeting.


  • May 2018 production – Memory of Water
    • Director – Sandy Fairthorne. Gay to contact Sandy and arrange a meeting
    • Producer – need to have a Producer sooner rather than later.
    • Rights – can be applied for once details are confirmed.
    • Dates – 13/5 onwards.
  • Poetry Reading Oct 23
    • Maggie Millar – coming back for poetry reading – U3A organised this
    • Have requested support to set up stage, lighting, tables, etc. Asked Gay to introduce her.
    • 2-4pm Tuesday 23rd October
  • Hall times 2019


  • Number of performances
  • Production dates
  • Stage Manager duties      Director Notes
    • Action: Gay to make updates and distribute
  • Renew music licence
    • Action: Maryanne to organise
  • Lighting workshop
    • Potential to have Steven Georgiadis to run a lighting workshop for the Troupe and the wider community.
    • Action: Fred & Michael will determine what a lighting workshop might look like.
  • Spring Creek Community House 25th Anniversary– Nov 1
We hope that you can ‘save the date’ for this celebration and put it in your diary. Please update your details if they have changed as we will be sending out an official invitation to our celebration later in the year with our full day and evening program.



  1. That tickets continue to be made available in three categories and according to the conditions described below.
  2. a) Full
    b) Concession
    c) Complimentary

Prices for ticket types a) and b) are to be set by the Committee of Management (COM) at a formal meeting prior to the release of tickets on TryBooking.

Moved: Fred Preston

Seconded: Gay Bell


  1. That COMP ticket recipients are divided into two categories – COMP tickets and Cast and Crew tickets. The committee determines the recipients of these tickets. COMP tickets will be offered via the Publicity Officer and will be offered as a closed choice of dates. Cast and Crew tickets will be offered via the Producer. Both ticket types will be required to book tickets in advance by a published closing date. Their ticket may be forfeited if not booked by this date. The Publicity Officer/Producer may permit COMP or Cast and Crew ticket bookings after this date if tickets are available.


  1. a) Full Price – applies to people between the ages of 18 and 59 years (inclusive) who don’t otherwise fall into the ‘Concession’ category.
  2. b) Concession – For disabled, unemployed, full time students, over 59s or under 18s. Individuals may be asked for proof of Concession eligibility on entry or during the purchase process via com.
  3. c) Complimentary (COMP) tickets are free tickets and traditionally have been offered to a variety of stakeholders. (See ‘Complimentary Ticket Guidelines’.)

All COMP tickets must be determined collaboratively by the Producer and President, who have absolute discretion as to the recipients of COMP and ‘Cast and Crew’ tickets.

Moved: Gay Bell

Seconded: Lisa Berry


  1. That the Ticket Exchange policy apply equally to COMP tickets and Cast and Crew tickets.

Moved: Lisa Berry

Seconded: Maryanne Doolan


Group bookings

  1. That groups of 10 people are eligible to book tickets at the Concession ticket price and that NO Refunds or Exchanges can apply to ANY of this booking.

Moved: Gay Bell

Seconded: Michael Baker


Refunds on Tickets

  1. That refunds will not be given.

Moved: Gay Bell

Seconded: Maryanne Doolan


Exchange of Tickets

  1. That subject to seat availability, ticketholders be permitted to exchange tickets for an alternate performance. NOTE: This will not apply to group bookings or an individual ticket from a group booking.

Moved: Kath O’Neill

Seconded: Fred Preston



  1. That TTT endeavour to use ushers at each performance.

Moved: Fred Preston

Seconded: Kath O’Neill


Meeting Closed: 10:31pm