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Ticketing help

How to buy a ticket.

Read the process below (click on images to enlarge them if you need to). When you  understand how to do it, go to this link to visit  It will open in a new window and you can follow the process described below.

The details on each screen in this “walk through” are for ‘Humble Boy” but are applicable to any play so don’t panic.

NOTE: you can click on each image below to enlarge it if you want.

Please note: there is a per ticket fee of 30cents. We have tried to keep this payment as low as possible.



Click on the green ‘Continue Booking’ Button for the following screen:

Click on the green link on your chosen date.  You get a screen like this:

Enter the number of tickets you want then go to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Continue Booking’. You MAY be asked for some information (e.g. your phone number).


If you have a Gift/Promotion code, enter it here, click the ‘Apply’ button and click the green Checkout button.

Shopping cart

NOTE: If you want to buy tickets for a different show, do it now rather than having to go through the whole process again later! (Click the Continue shopping link).

You are required to enter personal details (government / banking rules – sorry!). The boxes below in red are the REQUIRED ones.  When they’re complete, click ‘Continue’.  Make sure your email address is correct because your tickets will be emailed there.  Alternatively, you can print them at the end of the payment process.

Booking details

Finally!  the payment process.  Don’t worry.  It’s secure!


You’ll get the following message.  You can print your tickets from here.  Yes.  You’ll need a printer! (Or you can email the message to someone else to print or show TTT the email on your phone when you arrive.



Torquay Theatre Troupe is utilising an automated ticketing sales and payment system for its shows. We will be using this system for all our events.

The Trybooking system is simple to use and holds many benefits for you, including:

  • The convenience to book and pay for your tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Instantly receive tickets and receipts, and print them at your convenience

There are also many benefits for us in using this system, such as:

  • No need to manage cash or purchase credit card facilities.
  • Significant reduction of administration time and cost
  • No ticket printing or postage costs or delays
  • Less staff administration
  • Time saving – fewer enquiries – all information is available on the Event Homepage

The online booking system charges $0.30 per ticket to the purchaser of the ticket, which is charged at the time of purchase. As payments will be made by credit card, we understand that the integrity of the site and its security features are important.

The following is an excerpt from

“Any personal information that may be used by the TryBooking Site in order to carry out its necessary functions is stored on a physically separate computer that is protected by Firewalls. The data itself is also encrypted to further reduce any risk that your information will be obtained and used by unauthorised access. We do not store your full credit card number, only the four digits are kept and this is to show you which card you have used to make the booking.”

For those of you that are technically minded, the payment site is a secure ‘https’ website.

If you have any questions about this or any of the above-mentioned events, please contact Erika Turner on 0402 434 464 or email us on