Light and sound

Since humble beginnings in 2002 when we only used the 4 x 100 watt globes on the stage (turned on or off by a lighting technician backstage), we have graduated to a small but functional stock of lights that we choose and hang for each show.  We always need help to set these up and take them down.

TTT 10 years174The hall in which we currently perform has 3-phase power with a lighting board backstage, ceiling power outlets numbered for our programmable 8-channel lighting controller, 2 lighting bars and we can now light our shows quite well.

We have invested our (small) profits straight back into the equipment which we now use to put on more ‘professional’ shows.

We have LED and traditional lights, spots and fresnels and a strobe.  For ‘portable’ shows such as the plays we do during winter at Front Beach restaurant and other local venues, we use two ‘light trees’ with a couple of small lamps on them.

Our sound system is very simple and we always have issues with getting and using good sounds.

If you would be interested in learning how to do lighting or sound effects for a show, let us know and we’ll try to give you some instruction.  TTT MAY eventually offer more formal training but at the moment it’s an “Apprenticeship”.


TTT • August 15, 2015

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