Council deliberations

TTT President Michael Baker gave a spirited presentation to Council on Tuesday 5th June. This was our opportunity to ask Council representatives to re-consider their rejection of our original submission’s request for $30,000 to start the process of transferring the operation of the Surf Coast Sport and Recreation Centre into a Performing Arts Space for the community. Councillors seemed engaged by the presentation and gave us the feeling that they supported our intentions. There was even mention of the need to create a governance structure for management of whatever (community) venue we might end up in.

We need to wait at least two weeks until the council and its staff have balanced the budget and allocated monies according to perceived needs There were a number of presentations on the Agenda both before and after our – all with merit and reason, some with much higher budgets and across diverse parts of the Shire and ranging from footpaths to venue promotion to sports clubs and public toilets.

After that, there will be a decision within a couple of months about what the Shire intends to do with the Surf Coast Sport and Recreation Centre building. That’s a related but non-budget decision we also wait for with bated breath. Hold on to your hats!

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