Ongoing theatre Campaign

TTT has been advocating for a Performing Arts Space in Torquay for over 10 years.

With high quality input from valued members, experienced advisers, skilled designers and active participants, TTT made submissions to Council several times.

A Consultant’s recommendation suggested a high-end facility with exhibition spaces and a high-capacity theatre (350). The cost ranged between $11Million and $5.4Million for this edifice.

TTT proposed a more modest arrangement in order to make use of the Sport and Recreation Centre once the new competition-regulation-sized basketball courts had been built near the Council Offices. The proposal would remove the Council’s need to maintain an empty building for several years and would give an (albeit temporary for up to 10 years) home to Performing Arts groups and touring shows, comedians, musicians, theatre companies, presenters of all sorts.

Here’s a snapshot of our proposal to Council in 2014 and 2015 and again in 2018. Its maximum cost would be $2Million and would be a performance space (150 people) with retractable raked seating, have rehearsal spaces, exhibition space, workshop space, set-building space, storage space, access for wheelchairs, security and safety features, sound and lighting equipment and all the necessary catering, ticketing and green-room facilities for a professional theatre space.

Get on board.

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