Memory of Water – information session

HEAR YE!  HEAR YE! INFORMATION SESSION for anyone (potential cast, techies, etc)  interested in being part of Torquay Theatre Troupe’s first production of 2019, “The Memory of Water”, by Shelagh Stephenson, to be directed by Sandy Fairthorne. Rehearsals commence early March with opening night 13th May, 2019. Cast required – 3 females – 30s to 40’s 1 female – 50 – 70 2 males – mid 40’s This is a funny moving tragi-comedy about three sisters struggling with grief, forced together for their mother’s funeral.  Each sister has different memories of the same events, causing constant bickering about whose memories are true.  To add to the mix, the ghost of their mother hovers in one sister’s dreams, giving insights into the complexities of a mother- daughter relationship scarred by events and decisions neither of them wants to admit to.  Joined by two men – one a sister’s married lover, the other bound by marriage – the three sisters’ hidden lies and self betrayals are gradually revealed.   Anyone interested in being part of this *award winning play are most welcome to join us for a chat at 16 Price St, Torquay, on Sunday 7th October at 2pm. And if you have any questions, please contact Sandy Fairthorne on 0402 822775. * This play won the Lawrence Olivier award for best comedy in 2000.

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