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Click here for a link to a review by Colin Mockett from our preview show on Monday 7th November.

Here’s the Victorian Drama League review.

Humble VDL review

Here’s Gail Chrisfield’s review too:

Troupe shines in ‘Humble Boy’
By Gail Chrisfield

The timing of Torquay Theatre Troupe’s current production of ‘Humble Boy’ seems fitting, given this year marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

A modern day take on ‘Hamlet’, one might say the group is ‘dipping its lid’ to the bard’s milestone, despite the play being first performed at London’s Royal National Theatre in 2001.

British playwright Charlotte Jones has transported the action from a Danish castle to an English country garden in the grip of an unseasonably dry summer.

The plot similarly centres on Felix Humble’s efforts to come to terms with his father’s sudden death, his mother’s speedy decision to remarry and his many self-doubts. The latter leads him to contemplate suicide.

Packed with witty one-liners and comedic moments, Jones’s sparkling script reimagines many of her original source’s key characters, themes and plot devices. There’s even a ghost – and a duel with trowel and broom standing in for swords.

The entertaining dialogue covers topics as diverse as bee-keeping, astrophysics, gazpacho soup, horticulture, Greek mythology and life – and death – in general.

The six-member cast of TTT stalwarts give uniformly excellent performances marked by nuanced delivery and great comedic timing.

Michael Baker is compelling as the brilliant but troubled Felix. Terry Roseburgh’s vain Flora Humble delights while Fred Preston convinces as George, the suitor unable to handle his booze.

Lisa Berry’s Rosie is suitably down-to-earth and Barry Eeles as Jim makes a fine gardener. Carleen Thoernberg, as the downtrodden Mercy, brought the house down on preview night with her longwinded prayer.

Production values, as always are high, with Marie Darby’s costumes a particular highlight.

In all, another first class rendition from the troupe worthy of the full house on preview night. If you haven’t already, book now at to avoid missing out.

Book your tickets now.  Plenty of places left – for the moment 


TTT • November 8, 2016

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